Meeting the COSMOS-standard

As of 1/1/17 Aixallia products meet the COSMOS-standard.  

Aixallia COSMOS Standard certified natural organic french skincare

In 2002, recognizing the interests of both the industry and consumers, five European organizations came together to develop a single, harmonized standard for organic and natural cosmetics, ensuring clarity and confidence for consumers, as well as effective progress towards sustainable development.

The COSMOS-standard applies to cosmetic products that are marketed as organic or natural. Its guiding principles are to:

  • promote the use of products from organic agriculture, and respect biodiversity;
  • use natural resources responsibly, and respect the environment;
  • use processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of human health and the environment;
  • integrate and develop the concept of “Green Chemistry”.

What the COSMOS-standard covers

The standard divides the type of ingredients used in cosmetic products into five categories and specifies the requirements for each.  Here they are with some of the key standards:

  1. Physically processed agro-ingredients – at least 95% must be organic and there is also a list that must be organic. Only simple physical processes allowed (similar to foods);
  2. Chemically processed agro-ingredients – made from agricultural raw materials and clean manufacturing processes that comply with the principles of “Green Chemistry”, There is a list of these ingredients that must be made  from organic raw materials;
  3. Water – a vital and basic raw material, its quality is essential;
  4. Mineral ingredients – must be clean and comply with various environmental rules in their use and in further processing;
  5. Other ingredients – this is a very restricted category. Some ingredients are necessary for preserving the product (must be simple and must do so with minimal impact), a very few are allowed only temporarily to facilitate the transition from the current situation to the objectives and direction of this standard.

Companies must also ensure their packaging is minimized and is environmentally friendly and they must have an environmental and waste management plan for their factories.

Finally, all the products produced to these standards have to be certified by an independently authorized certification body.  This makes sure that the certification body is competent and professional.  They will check everything necessary about the product to verify it complies with the standard and is labelled accurately and clearly, so you can have confidence in what you are buying.

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Prior to January 1, 2017, all Aixallia Products were certified by Group Ecocert:

Natural and organic Aixallia products have been certified by Group Ecocert*, the very first certification body to develop standards for natural and organic cosmetics.  Introduced in France in 2003, Ecocert's cosmetic specifications support the basic principles of environmentally friendly and sustainable resources and manufacturing processes: the absence of GMO, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes, animal-derived ingredients (unless naturally produced by them such as honey) and biodegradable or recyclable packaging.  Additionally, a minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula must come from organic farming. 

*Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to ECOCERT STANDARDS.